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Professional Tree Maintenance in miami, fl

Trees add beauty, shade, and character to your property. Choose Rose Valley Landscaping in Miami, FL for top-notch tree maintenance services.

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Palm Trees

The Symbol of Florida
Palm trees are some of the most beautiful plants in South Florida. We design and plant a wide range of palm features in any landscape. Our experienced landscapers make sure to level the trees and remove air pockets from the base of the plant to ensure a perfect installation.

Pruning & Trimming

Healthier, Stronger, Safer
Pruning trees correctly requires extensive training and knowledge. Inexperienced pruners often make mistakes that can cause lasting damage to a tree. For example, excessive lifting can move a tree's center of gravity from the root zone to the upper canopy, causing a tree to become top heavy. This increases the chance of wind damage. At Rose Valley, we never perform excessive lifting, topping, lion's tailing, or hat racking. All of our tree maintenance services are performed in accordance with ANSI A300, the professional standards developed by the Tree Care Industry Association.

We remove weak or dying branches, as well as branches infected by diseases, insects, and other organisms. We also prune close branches to prevent rubbing. Finally, we perform a "vista pruning" to improve the appearance of the tree, improve light penetration, and increases storm tolerance.

Trees By a Community Entrance